Stephanie Carson


Stephanie Carson believes anyone can discover the best version of themselves through meditation and breathwork. As a former Fortune 500 marketing executive and a busy mom, she felt more like a frenzied "air-traffic controller” than anything else. Not surprisingly, she became a “crisis meditator” in search of peace and quiet amidst the stress and craziness of, well, everyday life. Upon finding meditation and breathwork, Stephanie was shocked when she experienced immediate positive change that rippled through all aspects of her life (and her family’s, too). Yes, she is still an on-the-go, busy, multi-tasking, Type-A at heart, but her house is calmer, with less stress and anxiety.  Just ask her three children, who now say, “Meditation Mommy is a much better Mommy.” Today, she draws upon her real-life experience and specialized blend of training to create a bespoke practice for each person’s present needs and lifestyle. Her unique yin (soft, feminine, loving) and yang (strong, directive, clear-seeing) approach truly allows clients to let go, renew, and reconnect with their best selves. Stephanie received her Meditation Teaching Certificate from the inaugural Unplug + davidji Teacher Training program, her Breathwork Training levels 1-4 from David Elliott, and is a certified Reiki Level 1 and 2 healer.

Why I practice meditation:

 I practice meditation and breathwork because it makes me a better mom, wife and person.  Since starting my practice, I have seen profound positive changes in my life and in the lives of my family.  Meditation and breathwork help me release emotions and energy buried inside while helping me become more present, calm and more in touch with myself and my own needs and goals.    

Why I teach meditation:

After experiencing the benefits of meditation and breathwork personally I knew I had to share this amazing gift with others.  I love helping people find the best version of themselves and guiding them on their personal journeys of discovery, healing and transformation.


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