Melanie Kaplan


My path to meditation began with yoga. I began doing yoga in college, it seemed like the natural transition from ballet.  It was yoga that opened me up to meditation, breath work and the myriad alternative healing modalities.  Upon graduation from college, I entered the hectic world of advertising which left me stressed and feeling unfulfilled.  I pursued a path in massage therapy, Acupuncture and traditional medicine.  During my education, my meditation practice expanded to include many other forms.  I have been practicing acupuncture since 2004, and shortly after getting my license, found myself working with patients overcoming addiction, eating disorders and other mental health issues. While I personally had felt the benefits of meditation myself, it was incorporating meditation with acupuncture in the setting of rehab centers or in my office with patients that I began to fully realize the universal power and depth of transformation that meditation offers. 

Why I practice meditation:

The very nature of the word "practice" means that there is an inherent ritual, and  I clearly like things that need to be "practiced" meditation and acupuncture! I feel that having rituals are grounding and supportive.  I practice meditation to slow myself down and to slow the world around me, to bring me more fully into the present moment, and for those blissful moments when there are no thoughts...just silence and stillness.  Meditation also makes living with me and living with myself infinitely more tolerable!

Why I teach meditation:

Besides believing that the world as a whole can change if everyone meditated, I feel that meditation is a gift, being able to share that with others is a true joy and so fulfilling.  Teaching anything for me has always been an exchange, to foster something in others has always deepened and furthered my own experience.  I believe that we are forever learning and expanding, and teaching others teaches me so much.


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