Ryan Weiss


Ryan Weiss is the guy people turn to when they feel stuck, lost, depressed, anxious and fed up - when they yearn to feel alive, happy, inspired, safe and can't quite seem to find their way. Ryan helps people accomplish their big goals at work, in relationships and with their health by becoming centered in their confidence, creativity and power.

Ryan has been referred to as Los Angeles premier life coach and is a certified kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. Ryan is also the creator of the morning email reaching thousands of people aptly named Waking Up With Ryan

Through his one-on-one coaching, emails, interviews, corporate retreats and international wellness retreats, Ryan breaks down the spiritual and psychological tools we all need to thrive in our daunting, complicated world. His irreverent banter allows his clients and attendees to feel connected to someone who just “gets it”. Ryan is not a guru - he’s a guy with a life much like yours who loves to share how he’s finding hope and joy even when the world seems to crumble.  

Ryan is one of triplets and most of his siblings are Jewish spiritual leaders - one rabbi and two cantors. Formerly he performed on Broadway in Wicked and departed from a career as a film/television producer to launch his coaching and speaking work.

Why I practice meditation:

I practice meditation because it expands everything about my life. Meditation gives me a practice to allow everything to happen without constantly trying to change it. Through meditation I’ve learned the true power of getting out of my own way. As a result, my whole life is unfolding in ways that I couldn’t have planned. And it brings me joy to watch it all happen. 

Why I teach meditation:

Honestly, I teach meditation because it helps me. Through teaching, I get to explore all the in’s and out’s of the practice and dive deeper inside myself. Of course, I love supporting people in their healing and watching others grow brings me joy. As A Course In Miracles says: teaching and learning are the same. 


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