Rachel Kanarowski


Rachel is a certified meditation teacher and leadership coach. She combines her extensive knowledge of science-backed wellness strategies and self-improvement techniques to create a meditation practice that focuses on feeling healthier, more rested, and motivated to take on new challenges. She received her formal meditation teacher training at Unplug Los Angeles where she completed their signature 200-hour program led by internationally-renowned meditation master and author davidji. Currently, she teaches at corporations and public institutions throughout Chicago.

Prior to joining the wellness community, Rachel served as Editor-in-Chief of InStyle magazine in Prague where she lived for almost a decade, and then as an in-demand marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies. In her downtime, she travels the world exploring new cultures and volunteering for organizations such as English in Mind (a non-profit English language school in Haiti). Rachel is a member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, the American Mindfulness Research Association, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Why I practice meditation:

My meditation practice turns down the volume on that self-critical voice we all have inside our head. When that voice is quieter, I feel happier and better equipped to dive into important projects.

Why I teach meditation:

Teaching meditation is my way of contributing to the greater good of public health. A consistent meditation practice is scientifically-proven to promote the regrowth of healthy brain cells, making it one of the most beneficial things we can do to protect our cognitive health. However, it can also be pretty intimidating for many people. They may have tried it a few times, and decided it’s not for them because they don’t believe they’re “doing it the right way.” I provide that reassuring voice and answers to questions many are too nervous to ask.


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