Class Descriptions

Your meditation adventure available now

+ Aromatherapy Meditation

Enjoy a heart opening meditation class designed to uplift your spirit and energy while simultaneously opening and balancing the chakras. The Guide will intuitively select an essential oil blend to use during the class that will be inhaled and applied to each person. This class will include a guided meditation to open the class. Soothing music will be played while in passive meditation.

+ Astrological Meditation

In this special monthly pop-up class, Unplug's Astrologist Danielle Beinstein will base the meditation on real-time cosmic events. Try something new, connect with the stars, and gain a new perspective.

+ Awakening Positivity

In these classes, we're practicing self-directed positive neuroplasticity. It's like we're getting the remote control to our emotions. Learning how to turn up happiness and awe... Learning how to make positive changes in the brain and therefore our lives.

+ Breathwork

This class, set to modern playlists, teaches a breathing technique that is sure to create more balance and harmony in the body. The breath unlocks stuck energy and other stresses stored in the body, allowing one to tune into their own healing needs and abilities. Results are often described as greater mental clarity, deep relaxation and bliss. It's a wild ride. We love it! Just breathe. It is that simple.

+ Chakra Clearing

Chakras are energetic wheels found throughout the entire body. You have seven main energy centers along the central nervous system, or spine. These chakras correlate to physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects mirrored in every area of our lives. This meditation will dive into each of the chakras to unlock, inform and reveal their power to spread energy, throughout the entire body. The purpose of this meditation is to reveal where you may feel blocked in order to unleash your fullest potential. No experience required.

+ Crystal Energy Recharge

Prepare to embark on a dream-like journey and connect with the crystal of the day. Goal setting, intention setting, and manifesting are common rotating themes in this class. Camilla will lead you through this guided imagery and heightened crystal experience.

+ Friday Night Special

This is our experimental class of the week. Always a surprise. Always interesting. Great opportunity to check out new and specialized teachers. Anything goes.

+ Full/New Moon Meditation

In these special monthly pop-up classes with Cassandra, you will tap into the moon’s powerful source of energy. It’s different every month!

+ Guided Visualization

A guided-imagery meditation connecting breath to visualization. These guided visualizations will aid you in connecting to your inner self and deepest desires.

+ Healing Visualization

A guided journey for whatever needs healing within.

+ Hypnosis for Stress Relief

Relieve your stress in this hypnotherapeutic meditation class. You will learn how to cultivate calmness, equanimity, wellbeing and freedom from emotional suffering.

+ Inspired Breathwork

A series of specialized breath techniques designed to open the energetic pathways that amplify a calm and clear connection. Balancing both subtle and stronger breath patterns, this dynamic mediation will elevate mind, body, and emotion into knowing, remembering and feeling that you are greatness by design. Enjoy hypnotic guidance by Nicholas Pratley as you reset your brain with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and emerge with peaceful, powerful, inspired confidence. Breathe, restore and become inspired!

+ Intention Setting Meditation

In this class get ready to get clear on your inner desires and how to activate them. Meditation is the best way to tap in to your own potential. We begin the class with intention setting and then gently slide into mantra meditation. an instructor will give you a word or phrase and ask you to focus on its sound rather than its meaning. Through repetition of that word or phrase, you can still your mind and reach a deep meditative state.

+ Meditation for Manifestation

Discover what you need to manifest in your life and learn the tools to make it happen.

+ Meditation for Type A's

Feeling busy and fast-paced? Come slow down your breath to help slow down your life. Walk out feeling centered yet focused.

+ Mind-body Communication

Explore the power of mind-body connection in this nourishing meditation with Cassandra.

+ Mindful Stress Mastery

This mindfulness meditation will help you cultivate heightened awareness and acceptance, thereby leading you to a sweet state of calm.

+ Mission Unplug

Here at Unplug, our mission is to bring happiness, calm, kindness, peace and connection to every meditator in the world; with the belief and understanding that “if you can breathe, you can meditate.” Here, you will connect to your personal mission. This Mindfulness-based Meditation begins with a simple, unique mantra technique, created by teacher Ben Decker, to immediately regulate your heartbeat, breathing, and body to a relaxed state. This class ends with a moment of self-appreciation and compassion - leaving plenty of room in between for silent meditation, deep relaxation and personal insight.

+ Morning Meditation

Morning meditation that will get you ready for the day. Rise and take the time to live life intentionally . Meditation is best when practiced first thing in the morning. It sets your entire day up for success. Expand now with stillness, silence, calm and intention setting. The results - a centered, calm and productive day.

+ Rest & Reset

This class is great if you want to let go of tension, feel a sense of relief and have your mind go on vacation. It is a guided meditation especially suited for beginners to help you enter a deep state of relaxation. There is also a period of silence to JUST BE. Heather loves her students and welcomes anyone who needs a little C.H.I.= Comfort, Humor & Inspiration.

+ Restore: Scent | Sound | Crystals

This is your express vacation! It's like walking through a tropical water fall, washing away stress and coming out the other side restored in vitality. You might call it an energetic car wash! Scent, Sound + Crystals ignite a dynamic sensory experience that will leave you clear, calm and energized. Created by Nicholas Pratley, this class is breath based and designed to ignite all of your senses...this is often where the most powerful restoration can happen. Unplug essential oils, the powerful vibrations of sound bowls with beautiful crystals and light breath work, all create the perfect synergy to help you let go and RESTORE.

+ Sage Healing Breathework Meditation

The sage plant has been used for centuries in conjunction with rituals and healing work. Most of us are familiar with using sage to "smudge" or energetically clear out negative junk from a physical space. Many cultures believe that the smoke from burning sage carries intentions, prayers and wishes up to the heavens. While it's metaphysical clearing properties are strong, sage smoke literally cleans the air. A 2007 report proved that sage smoke is one of the most powerful antiseptic technologies ever discovered! Through focused intentional breathing and harnessing the cleansing power of sage plant medicine, this meditation will help you ground into the present moment and clear out toxic energy. We will plant intentional seeds for the Spring season and let go of any expectations, judgements or fears that are keeping you stuck in a dead energetic cycle.

+ Self- Reflection Meditation

Connect with yourself on a deep level, reflect on what need in your life, and come away with a newfound sense of confidence and self-love.

+ Sound Healing

A sound bath is a surprising and delightful experience of a deep journey into sacred sound. You lie down and feel a refreshing bath of vibration, including planetary tuned gongs, crystal singing bowls and a wide variety of other ancient sound-healing instruments. Once the room is engulfed with this ancient cosmic vibration, everyone will take part in a journey they will not soon forget.

+ Tapping: Into Positivity (EFT)

Think acupuncture without the needles and hypnosis without closing your eyes. Some people think it's a little corny to tap your face and repeat words, but they magically find their doughnut cravings disappear and more powerful effects that last. In this class, we are tapping to train our ability to self-generate positive emotions.

+ Unplug

Our Signature Unplug Meditation Class is 45 minutes (but feels like 30) and is guided by our inspirational teachers. Through breath and/or body awareness you will easily connect with the present moment. Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Accept what is and learn techniques you can carry throughout your day. This is meditation reinvented for the minimalist.

+ Unplug 30

Our Signature Unplug Meditation Class shortened to 30 minutes. Great opportunity to squeeze in a meditation before you go to work, during your lunch break or before you go home. Whether you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, this class is the perfect morning or afternoon dose of quiet. Simplify your practice, release your week, and get clear for a wonderful weekend ahead.

+ Unplug: Awakening

A simple and reliable step-by-step process to break free from the habit of perpetual thinking and to relax into the spacious awareness of the present moment. Even a short glimpse can be profoundly liberating and give access to a greater sense of joy, peace and light-heartedness. This spacious awareness is also a source of creativity and insight and can be used to 'download' truly original ideas and inspire a radical shift in perspective. If you feel stuck or are looking for a fresh look at a particular situation, this class is for you!

+ Unplug: Deep Calm

Camilla's Unplug Deep Calm is a guided meditation class inspired through her life as an elite, competitive athlete. Camilla helps guide you to connect with your own inner calm and meditate with different intentions and subjects from this peaceful place. A deeply relaxing class to help you to let go of stress and tension.

+ Unplug: Deep Relaxation

45 minutes of a deeply relaxing meditative experience.

+ Unplug: Discover

Have you ever found yourself with so many ideas and no idea what to do, where to start or perhaps what to end? This Active Meditation is ideal for beginners to connect with their intuition. This inner reservoir of 'knowing without knowing how you know' can be part of your daily life. So bring your thinking, your topics, your forks in the road and let's drop IN. The essence of the experience is to see, feel, hear, or sense what direction/guidance comes from within. Heather loves her students and welcomes anyone who needs a little C.H.I.= Comfort, Humor & Inspiration.

+ Unplug: Hypno-relax

A hypnotherapeutic meditation that will leave you feeling calm in only 45 minutes.

+ Unplug: Inner Balance

Learn how to calm your mind and reset your emotions to reconnect with the best version of yourself. You will embark on a healing journey to release unnecessary thoughts and refocus your mind on joy, peace and well-being.

+ Unplug: Inner Peace

Meet your new source of morning Zen. Come unplug before you plug-in! Sherly will bring 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry into a 45-minute class, easing you into a deep mindfulness and guided meditation practice. Learn how to access and maintain inner peace, regardless of whatever else may be happening around you. You'll be more calm, productive, focused, and joyful all day long.

+ Unplug: Inner Wisdom

Tap into the timeless wisdom that rests within you.

+ Unplug Kids 1st-6th Grade

Unplug Meditation for Kids! Your child will learn effective life skills and strategies in a fun, developmentally appropriate way to help improve attention, self-regulation, and compassion for self, others and the world around them. Taught by Laurie Cousins, Director of Unplug Kids and trained Mindfulness facilitator through the Inner Kids Program, which was founded by Susan Kaiser Greenland (author of The Mindful Child - How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate).

+ Unplug: Sound Healing

Renew yourself in a stream of pure sound waves. A live crystal sound bath creates a current of electricity that helps clear the body and mind for a free flow of energy. Enhance your practice as stress and tension melt away and you enjoy the lightness of being.

+ Unplug the Chakras

This meditation will dive into each of the chakras to unlock, inform and reveal their power to spread energy throughout the entire body. Feel balanced, feel aligned.

+ Unplug: Toolbox

Fill your inner toolbox with an assortment of meditation techniques to release the stresses of the week and recharge for the week ahead. Gain introspective tools that help bring focus, clarity, peace & presence. Let go of all your worries and refuel in this Sunday evening class.