Marlize Joubert


Marlize Joubert has been studying the healing arts most of her life. Her roots are in yoga, meditation modalities, nutrition and the juicy mystery of life itself. Curiosity and honest self-exploration has always been a source of tremendous healing for Marlize and her calling to be of service to the world at large has been clear to her since a very young age.

Marlize currently lives in sunny California where she teaches yoga to a wide variety of people, privately and in studios. Marlize leads workshops, trainings, immersions and retreats. Marlize has taught over thousands of hours, and is a qualified E-RYT 500 teacher trainer, and leads yoga teacher trainings. Meditation circles and trainings are more gifts she offers to her students. Her study with energy, intuition, her own personal philosophy, and her inherit sensitivity, has given her the gift of teaching/holding space from a deeply connected, highly vibrational space. The work is highly transformational and empowering.

Why I practice meditation::

I started my breathwork practice out of desperation and in need of guidance and healing. My life was shifting in a big way, everything around me was falling away. I reached out to David Elliott's class that I heard about from a mutual friend. I've always been a seeker of truth in myself and life. My desire to see the 'bigger picture' has been my driving force. Then after my first breathwork experience with David, I knew that everything else I explored with, dipped my toe into, studied, has been more on the surface. This work goes IN! I knew I had found my tribe, the path towards liberation and truth, and my career. In a nutshell, it changed and continues to change my life and that of each person I share this alchemy with.  

Why I teach meditation:

It changed my life and I have only seen the same happening to each individual showing up and saying yes to this work. It breaks my heart open being a witness of the power and transformation of this work. Each time I show up to share the work, as they shift, so do I.

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