Amy Sandler


A funny thing happened to Amy Sandler after getting her MBA at Harvard: she went to film school and became a meditation expert. Amy has more than 20 years experience in the healing arts — including training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR); Reiki and other energy modalities; yoga, Buddhist and Shamanic practices; and certification as a breathwork teacher. Amy is a trained group facilitator and works with peer-networking organizations including Vistage, YPO and Circles. One of the first 30 certified teachers of Search Inside Yourself, Google’s top leadership development program, and a coach for Radical Candor, Amy helps leaders and teams align their purpose and optimize performance through neuroscience-based mindfulness and resilience training. A professional speaker, Amy is featured on the Simple Habit app and has taught meditation and emotional intelligence to thousands of busy people all over the world.

Why I practice meditation:

As a recovering perfectionist, I’ve found that practice doesn’t make perfect; practice is perfect. I’ve performed stand-up comedy; I’ve traveled around the world and I have walked on fire (five times). Meditation reminds me of who I am and why I am here. Meditation makes life feel easy, even when it’s not. Sometimes it’s even better than ice cream.

Why I teach meditation:

I have found that there is no better way to master something than to teach it. I teach to honor those I have learned from, and to share the many gifts I have received. I have studied with the world’s top experts in dozens of fields, but my greatest teachers will always be an 80 lb. Newfoundland/Labrador mix named Grizz and a cat named Bam Bam. They both passed away from cancer, but not until giving me two staph infections and countless scratches (the cat, of course), and the ultimate lessons in love and letting go. I teach because inner peace is a prerequisite for outer peace.


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