Michelle Berc


Michelle Berc has been practicing Sound Healing for over a decade and has received a certification in the field from the Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco. Additional trainings include Vibrational Sound Therapy, self-studies, and multiple workshops from leaders in the sound therapy field. She is known for her ‘Sonic Being’ signature chakra balancing sound bath with the crystal bowls. She recently became a certified HeartMath practitioner and continues exploring the array of vibrational healing modalities available today. Her sessions are heart-centered and infuse teachings that elevate the mind, body, spirit connection.

Michelle is also the founder and curator of the Create:Fixate Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to supporting emerging artists and musicians. Exploring and understanding human energy through art and music has been a passion of Michelle’s since her childhood.

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation offers me a time and space to stay balanced and become completely present with my mind, body, and spirit. In the stillness, I enter a peaceful place that allows me to listen to my body and most importantly tune into my heart. I like to combine multiple meditation practices and have found working with sound and breath to be the most powerful. 

Why I teach meditation:

With today’s technology driven lifestyle and western society’s influence of reaching outside of ourselves for gratification, many are disconnected from their inner vibrational source. Through sound meditation, my goal is to lead individuals back to their natural vibrational being, heal through balancing the energetic centers, create inner harmony, and most importantly create a space where one can find all the answers from within. 


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