Madison Flock


I’m Madison Flock. I am yoga teacher, fitness instructor and Unplug certified meditation teacher from Los Angeles. From a young age, I have always had a desire to make people feel good. I grew up participating in musical theater, using my time on stage to create a whole different world for the audience to escape to. I attended UC San Diego where I studied Psychology with the goal of helping people heal through talk therapy. After I graduated college I felt lost and overwhelmed. With a desperate desire to gain more clarity and ease in my day to day life I dove head first into my yoga practice. Giving myself the time to slow down and focus on myself was a game changer. So much so that it changed the trajectory of my career.

My greatest passion is to provide safe spaces for people of all ages, where they can let go of their grip on life, surrender to the present moment and live up to their full potential. For years I was creating these experiences solely through movement, and then I took my first class at Unplug. I quickly noticed the benefits that a regular meditation practice had on my own life and I knew I was being called to share this with as many people as I could. Whether it be through mindful breathing, guided visualization or sound healing, my intention is always to leave you feeling calm, clear, and at home in your own body. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to guide you all in the very same space where I learned the power of this practice.

Why I Practice Meditation:

I practice meditation because it feels like coming home to myself. Every single time. Sitting in stillness used to drive me up the wall, but now, it is what I crave when life is driving me up the wall. Meditation has taught me how to quiet the noise of the outside world and listen to my heart. It’s what makes me feel safe. It’s what makes me feel whole. It’s what makes me feel like me.

Why I Teach Meditation:

Everyone deserves to feel good. I want to do my best to help everyone feel good. I know this works. If you trust it, you’ll know it works too.

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