John Kennedy


John Kennedy is a certified energy healer and Reiki Master Practitioner based in Los Angeles. Available for individual and group Reiki, guided meditation, space clearings, Animal Reiki and essential oil blends. With a background in entertainment and healthcare operations, John has a lively and welcoming approach to ensure a space of healing and acceptance for all.  

Why I practice meditation:

Practicing meditation has opened me up to shifting the way I see myself and the world. Not only has meditation been extremely beneficial for my body and soul, it has helped me accept my past and understand the need of evolution through self-betterment. Learning about meditation and energy work wasn't about becoming someone new, but rather connecting the dots within myself to become the person I'm intended to be.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach mediation to allow others the chance to uncover the purest version of themselves. Our true selves are often hidden under the pressure, anxiety and unknown of society and the influence of others. Let’s strip it back, focus on your needs and uncover the many layers of the sublimely unique person that is “you”. 


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