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As one born into a family of educators and medical practitioners, Jylani Ma’at’s background as both a teacher and a nurse came as no surprise. She inherited a legacy of traditional and alternative healing practices. Since a very young age, Jylani has been engaged in meditation, holistic wellness and embodied awareness practices. As a teenager, she found herself making deep spiritual connections in nature and with stillness. She has continued along this path ever since. When Jylani became a mother, she realized just how important it was to be disciplined about her daily practice in order to stay balanced and healthy. She has an affinity for guiding people toward wellness modalities that connect with and through the body using all of their senses. Jylani believes taking deliberate moments needs to feel authentic and comfortable so that people may practice regularly and live a life of greater ease.

Jylani has trained and taught meditation, mindfulness, movement and integrative nutrition in schools, studios and communities around the world. She enjoys learning healing practices from indigenous cultures. Admittedly, her Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Tracee Stanley and Chanti Tocoronte-Perez, was by far the deepest and most embodied experience of her life. It was the purest example of using the body, breath and stillness to achieve deep levels of inner peace, resilience, strength and radiance.

Why I practice meditation:

I practice meditation to re-connect with my deepest sense of knowing, moment after moment. Meditation keeps me grounded and aware in my body. My daily practice helps me experience life from a calm, grateful and deliberate place. It allows me to stay aligned with my purpose, well intentioned and connected to nature’s elements.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach meditation to guide people back to themselves. The everyday life, the busyness, can get in the way and disconnect people from their joyful selves. I believe taking moments to connect the breath with the body is the most important step toward wellness and liberation.

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