Kjord Davis


Kjord has spent a lifetime as an avid seeker of what lies beyond what the eye can see or the mind can imagine. Kjord’s passion is Transformation of the minds eye. With a rich background in Corporate leadership roles, owning his own Yoga studio and teaching others how to teach Meditation/Yoga Kjord’s passion has always been to elevate, empower and transform those he comes in contact with. Regardless of the background, institution or group, one thing remains the same, we are all looking to be greater and walk through life with more ease, purpose and excellence. Kjord’s experience is steeped in Meditation, Kundalini Yoga science, Sound Therapy and Healing work. Kjord has worked with private clients, large groups, Recovery programs, celebrities and more to discover and connect with greater truths transcending old patterns and awakening to limitless possibilities.

Why I practice meditation:

Mediation is the pause button to discover and explore the limitless in an effort to return to the minute with greater clarity, priority and purpose.

Why I teach meditation:

I love teaching meditation as a way to hold space from all the “doing” and “busy”ness of life allowing others to simply let go - TRUSTING and believing that all that needs to be, will be.


Connect with Kjord: