Eric Mellgren


Eric Mellgren started a company called Vigilant Healing Solutions with his business partner Matt Faldmo. In 2015, Eric became certified in Nutritional Therapy with the NTA program. After learning about how stress directly affects how people process or don't process nutrients from the foods they eat, Eric started looking for ways to help. After performing a sound bath at the Integratron in Joshua Tree, it sparked Eric's interest in the energy and sound healing world. He finished both sound therapy (tuning the human biofield by Eileen McKusik) and Reiki Masters (Dr Usui taught by Lori Torok) certifications in 2017 and began group and private sound guided meditations. After being in the high paced, highly stressful, and anxiety laced corporate environment for 13 years, Eric is eager to bring alternative therapy for everyday people. This next step in Eric's life is his passion and path, and he is looking to spread the love as much as he can.

Why I practice meditation:

For Clarity and Ideas, For Balance and Harmony. To bring this world I live in into perspective and know that I have to power to create. Clearing the canvas to paint the life I want to live.

Why I teach meditation:

To Help people realize they can do this for themselves. That they are not in it alone. There is nothing "out there” about this work. And I believe I can relate to most and can guide them to start creating their own happy harmonious lives.


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