Normandie Keith


Born in New York, Normandie's early career as a top model and beauty editor took her to London, where she enjoyed a life of celebrity. Her heart was always seeking more, which led her to study many of the world's spiritual traditions. 

After leaving London for Los Angeles on divine guidance, she found her home in Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Normandie is now a KRI-certified Level 2 Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. First and foremost a mother to her son Finn, Normandie is also Khalsa Way Prenatal yoga and Mommy and Me yoga teacher trainer. She hosts the Wake Up Series and Kundalini 101 programs on YogaGlo.

After a life of being a model and it-girl, Normandie now uses her workshops to focus on breaking the masks of illusion, allowing women to step into their radiance and grace by finding radical self-love and acceptance. With an open heart and mind, she wishes to create a connection of love that weaves through all beings. She is passionate about bringing the extraordinary technology of Kundalini yoga to all.

She gives back to the Los Angeles community by passionately serving the homeless, with whom she feels a profound spiritual connection.

Why I practice meditation:

Practicing meditation allows me to go deeply into my inner landscape. Meditation is the space between an inhale and an exhale, and in the space that is a peaceful suspension. When I allow myself the gift of this space everyday, it changes the way I see the world and gives me a spaciousness within my heart and as I move through my life. It shows me the higher perspective of oneness that connects us all.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach meditation because I’ve known it to be the most effective tool in my life. It’s accessible to everyone in all walks of life. It’s my passion to show people that meditation isn’t as difficult as they might think. There is a space that we all have access to that can bring us to a feeling of liberation. As much as meditation is personal, its also collective and meditating with a group is a powerful experience that I am honored to facilitate.


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