Daphne Lyon


Daphne’s mission is to share the modern science and ancient wisdom of meditation practices so that we may live happier and healthier lives, create stronger more beautiful relationships with ourselves and others, and stand in the power of our most authentic self.

Meditation transformed Daphne’s life. Introduced to the practice at a young age by her parents, meditation became a vital tool, allowing her to feel more grounded and embodied no matter the experience, thought, emotion, or stressor. Daphne deepened her curiosity of meditation by traveling the world learning and working with a diverse community of yoga and meditation teachers, healers, shamans, and medicine workers. This evolved into her passion of studying ancient wisdom and modern science for the goal of simplifying and integrating these practices into our everyday lives.

Daphne's classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats offer various culturally responsive disciplines and practices that stay at the root of the teachings so that we may reside within the heart, cultivate peace of mind, connect to the earth, hold space for others, and find ways to bask in compassion and laughter along the way.

Daphne is eternally grateful to her teachers davidji, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Don and Amba Stapleton, Al Finger, Elena Brower, Mandy Trapp, Rod Stryker, Manorama, and Ram Dass and many others for their knowledge, wisdom, and grace they bestowed upon her through their teachings. To her family and the many teachers in her community who continue to inspire her, especially the students who allow Daphne to share her love and passion.

Why I Practice Meditation:

The meditation practice allows me to stand in the light and love of my most authentic self with clarity, balance, and lightheartedness. This practice enables me to hone in on a transformative skill that gives me a more encompassing and healthier awareness of my mindbody, elevates my relationships with others, and uplifts my life so that I may better serve all others.

Why I Teach Meditation:

To make great change in the world, we must begin here, with ourselves. We cultivate our full potential, brain and body health, calmness, inspiration, focus, clarity, happiness, balance, intuitive wisdom, empathy, and resilience when we practice the simple tools of meditation. Who doesn’t want this? This is why I teach, to share this profound practice of meditation and make it accessible, simple, and easy to integrate into our everyday lives so that we can live the life we want and make the world a better place.

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