Janae Archuleta


Janae is an Empath, Tarot reader, Clairvoyant, Medium and workshop facilitator/teacher of healing arts and metaphysics. Janae has a background working in Upper Management in Corporate America, for many years. A job offer brought her to Los Angeles in 2012, but deep down, she always knew she was not fulfilling her Highest Purpose.

She was born and raised in New Mexico, and in an environment of holistic and alternative healing. She comes from a family of healers. She began training in healing arts, mostly for the sake of  2013, she answered the calling to embark on a journey in Healing Arts, professionally. She is dedicated to continued self-work in order to be a fit vessel for higher consciousness.

Janae holds several certifications including Holy Fire Reiki Master ART, Reiki Ryoho (Shoden and Okuden), Sound Healing, Crystal and Vibrational Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tarot and Psychic Reading. She also practices Shamanism, in which her training is ongoing.

Her experience and training in various modalities allow her to create a uniquely, well-rounded and deeply healing experience. In addition to individual healing sessions, she also facilitates soundbaths, meditation and Tarot workshops and offers Tarot readings at various locations in the Los Angeles area.

Why I practice meditation:

I discovered meditation seeking peace amidst chaos, and found so much more. Meditation helps me maintain balance and harmony within, connection to my Higher Self, and a state of Oneness.

Why I teach meditation:

To help others journey to the inner dimensional awareness of their greater being and unlock their own light within. I have a passionate interest in elevating, as a community, to a higher state of consciousness.


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