Torkom Ji


Torkom Ji is a master sound healer and founder of Quantum Harmonix. He has been facilitating group sound healing experiences since January 2012, and has provided deep meditation and rejuvination for thousands of people using his unique and powerful modality. His sounds have been experienced at various therapeutic sound spaces at many festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Shakti/Bhakti Fest, and more. Birthed from his studies of music, vibration, energy and the practice of meditation and martial arts; Torkom has mastered and perfected a system that is known to put people in very deep states of consciousness, with little to no effort. Through the natural movement of these sounds, deep rest is achieved and the bodies own intelligence facilitates an elevated level of healing. He works with companies, groups, and individuals to deliver a transformative and non invasive approach to health, balance, and wellness through sound.

Why I practice meditation:

Through meditation one finds stillness and connection to the absolute source of creativity and peace. My practice has emboldened my life by helping me ease into a relaxed way of operating, and being. Meditation brings me closer to my true authentic self, and helps with the daily tidying up of the excess thoughts and patterns in the mind.

Why I teach meditation:

The best way to learn is to teach. Meditation is a science which requires practice and much experience to truly master. I find that anybody can experience a deep and transformative meditation experience, but its in the practice where all the long lasting benefits lay. Through dedicating myself to the art and science of meditation as a tool and lifestyle, teaching and guiding others naturally extends from the same tree.


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