Avery Whitmore


Avery is a healing artist deeply committed to the transformative powers of personal healing through the creative process. Via the breath, sound, reiki, applied kinesiology and bodywork, Avery’s unique approach allows him to facilitate healing to all walks of life.
Born and raised in Ohio to body and energy workers, Avery was exposed to various forms of healing at a young age. It has been his own experience, transformation and breakthroughs from this work that has inspired him to learn and share these sacred modalities with others.

Why I practice meditation:

My practice of meditation is an essential part of my life. I begin at the start of the
day, so that when I engage with the world I am grounded, centered, and my
vibration is prepared. It is from this space that I cultivate clarity and compassion,
with which I am better able to communicate and express myself.

Why I teach meditation:

It is my personal calling to be of service to others, which has led me to teach
meditation. I’m passionate about helping others cultivate the same tools that have
supported me in my spiritual journey. Teaching gives me the opportunity to
continually learn, grow, and creatively expand.


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