Sophia Zogopoulos


Sophia Zogopoulos is a singer-songwriter who stumbled into a Breathwork class only to fall so in love with the practice that she felt called to share this with the world. The release of stagnant energy in her body that occurred after just one session of this active meditation caused her to explore how she could continue to help herself and her loved ones.

She highly encourages anyone walking into her class to consider the two questions: What brought you to breathwork? What are you looking to release? There will be time after the breathwork portion to return to resting breath. During that time, Sophia will allow you to deepen your time within while bringing in her musical side with live vocals that can add to the experience. Her classes create a safe space for participants to focus on releasing suppressed energy and deepening the connection with oneself. Her training in this Pranayama technique is through David Elliott’s Healer Training Program. 

Why I practice meditation:

I practice meditation to deepen the connect with myself, as well as with others. To heal myself so that I can help others heal. To empower myself so I can empower others.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach Breathwork with the hopes of shifting the energy of the collective. I aim to introduce this life-altering practice to as many people as I can so they are then able to add Breathwork to their own healing toolbox that can be accessed at all times.


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