Joanna Garzilli


Joanna Garzilli is America’s Intuition Coach™, a global authority in the field of intuition, conscious business growth and spiritual leadership. Her book “Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success,” published by Harper Collins has been praised by Publisher’s Weekly to, “Help readers remember the love, power, and strength of the soul”.

Joanna teaches her clients and followers the magic of how to, “Lead through service.” She has shared the stage with Sir Ken Robinson, speaking on social impact. Landmark College has used her meditations for their teaching faculty and students with special needs to help them focus.

Joanna has been featured in media including: BBC News, BBC Radio, NPR, Fox News, Coast To Coast, Well + Good, Hay House Radio, Daily Mail.

She lives with her husband, Nick and their son, Dominick in Los Angeles, CA.

Why I practice meditation:

I practice meditation because it increases my intuition. I become aware of the subtle energy around me and attuned to my inner landscape. I feel creative. Challenging situations become opportunities for me to grow. Solutions are now accessible in my mind. I experience clarity and I am compassionate when I meditate. Patience is actionable. I am kinder to my loved ones.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach meditation because it puts me in a state of joy and gratitude. I see with fresh eyes. I understand at a deeper level why I am alive. I love the connectedness that builds between fellow meditators. I witness serendipity. My heart opens wider than I imagined. It puts me in a state of awe. 


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