Scott Schwenk


Scott’s work is a potent blend of insight, stillness, expansion, laughter, discovery and for a awakening inner journey and a thriving outer life.  Scott has been meditating, studying, and working with the inner  development of individuals, relationships, and larger groups for more than 25 years. A reiki master who spent several years living in a monastery, Scott continues to train and refine his impact.

Classes/privates taught at Unplug:

  • Unplug Meditate
  • Unplug Breathwork
  • New Year's Manifestation
  • Living Your Calling: The GPS of YES!
  • Opening the Inner Worlds of Meditation
  • Leader Whispering
  • Master Coaching

Why I practice meditation:

After more than two decades of practice, meditation stands as the most powerful evolutionary practice in my life – it opens my heart, deepens my compassion, hones my intuition, unbridles my access to creativity, and digests the ups and downs of my full-throttle life.

Why I teach meditation:

Teaching is part of my path – it wakes me up, deepens my compassion, and teaches me so much more about bringing the insights of meditation into action in life, and particularly in all manner of relationships.

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Connect with Scott: