Natalie Bell


Natalie Bell is a passionate mindful awareness teacher and  director of corporate programs at Unplug, through which she travels nationally to companies such as NBC Universal, Wharton, and Merrill Lynch. She has more than 25 years of practice in mindfulness and lived in an ashram for a year of intensive study. Natalie is also a teacher and consultant for UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. Her style is to make meditation practical and accessible in everyday life and she will guide you with ease through all the meditation challenges i.e.wandering mind, negative thoughts, restlessness and so much more. Walk away with the tools to unplug anytime anywhere.

Classes/privates taught at Unplug:

  • Unplug Clarity
  • Corporate
  • Unplug 30
  • The Mindful Professional Workshop
  • Daylong Silent Retreat - "The Art of Savoring"
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-compassion

Why I practice meditation:

Awareness makes me feel alive, connected, and truly happy. Meditation is the quickest ways to tap into it, bringing calm, centered presence, focus, creativity, love and acceptance into my life.

Why I teach meditation:

I love to give people the tools to tap into their own sources of well-being and to embrace their lives fully. I teach in a practical and relatable way so my students can use those skills immediately in their lives.

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