Mark Connolly


As the former Style Director of Conde Nast Traveler for twenty years exotic travel, global style, culture and beauty became embedded in my DNA. The excitement of discovering ancient traditions and wisdom around the world inspired me to take another journey, one of self discovery and personal empowerment.

After leaving the glamorous world of  publishing in 2013, I decided to take a spiritual sabbatical. This lead me to work with renowned Reiki masters, Naam yoga teachers, powerful shamans, past life healers, sound therapists and divine aromatherapy essences. 

All of which come together in my unique and transformative Seven Door Journeys, a  relaxing, nurturing, self healing program to help you unlock your hidden potential and enable you to work through any major life issues. They help you to be present, focused and in the now as your most authentic self. One chakra at a time…

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation  is like a personal journey through my subconscious where I get to visit all the inner aspects of myself and give them a mindful tune up in order to live a more balanced external life, in the present moment… and it helps me get shit done!

Why I teach meditation:

Meditation should be like lip balm…always in your bag and on hand for any occasion. It is one of the easiest and best ways to counteract stress and anxiety. It is an easy access tool that helps  connect people to the hidden aspects of themselves which can help them to lead balanced and authentic lives. It can also help you to discover your superpowers! Who wouldn’t want to teach that?


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