Donna D'Cruz


Born in India and raised in Australia, Donna produced music with the Australian Aborigines including the Arnhem land tribe  and learned about their "dreamtime." She went on to found Rasa Music, a woman-owned record company that released world music and produced the music of Deepak Chopra and other recordings for meditation. She travels the world as a Celebrity DJ and leads people to ecstatic, profound experiences as they celebrate the biggest moments in their lives. Donna has been teaching and guiding meditations with music for years. She combined her love of music with her passion for awakening consciousness. Named the “Rockstar Teacher of Meditation” by Well+Good, Donna presents her signature “Dip into Bliss” experience globally to Corporations, Brands in the Fashion, Tech and Finance sectors and is a Master presenter at PTTOW and Worldz Summit. She also created and has lead (for 8 years)  the weekly Meditation program at Phoenix House, America’s oldest Drug and Alcohol Recovery Institution. Donna will soon be launching "Sleep Beditations: A Modern Sleep Solution".

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation  is like a personal journey through my subconscious where I get to visit all the inner aspects of myself and give them a mindful tune up in order to live a more balanced external life, in the present moment… and it helps me get shit done!

Why I teach meditation:

I share the DIP INTO BLISS (Meditation) experience with Individuals, Family, Corporations and Leaders to help them realize their deepest life’s purpose.  It is in Stillness that we can shut off the internal clutter,  tune in and listen to our most fervent soul’s purpose and calling. 



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