Leah Santa Cruz


Leah has developed a “holistic” approach to meditation that integrates the neurosciences (the focus of her undergraduate studies) with the choreography of nature within and around us.

After nearly a decade working at Microsoft and startups, Leah tailored her own meditation practice for the day-to-day, in order to minimize anxiety, maximize performance and improve quality of life. Her intensive training with both "Google's Search Inside Yourself Institute" and Mindfulness Based Achievement program has made her style the perfect go to for the LA's type A and the like.

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation has completely transformed my life. I was a stressed-out workaholic in the past and meditation has renewed the balance in my life as well as improved my connection to self and others. I feel happier, wiser and more centered when I meditate each day, and I can handle the demands that life throws me with more grace and ease.

Why I teach meditation:

Having experienced a challenging upbringing, I'm inspired and enthused by the transformation I've experienced with these practices. I find great joy in holding space for communities and individuals to explore these possibilities within themselves.

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