Julia Nugent


Jules is a Community Builder, Meditation Teacher, and student of life. She believes in the power of bringing like minds together to support each others personal growth.  After graduating college Jules began a career in Food Editorial, learning the in's and out's of the restaurant world in Los Angeles. Jules scoured the city getting the inside scoop on the best new restaurant openings, and innovative Chef's on the map. Her love for food and storytelling led her to dive deeper into the benefits of ingredients, how they are sourced, and the impact food can have on the body. The power of food as a universal language led her on a spiritual journey to learn about the Mind + Body connection. Jules is fascinated by the impact our environment has on the body, as well as how our inner world can affect our outer world. She began studying Eastern Traditions of Meditation, Ayurveda, and Yoga to learn how to live more in harmony with the environment. 

Jules believes in bringing people together through the senses, and incorporating Mindfulness to live a richer life. She teaches adults and children how to apply these practices in their everyday life, through meditation, nourishment, and movement. 

Jules is a Certified Meditation Teacher and Thought Coach, she has a B.A. in Communication & Journalism from USC. She currently works one on one and with groups educating about  Mindful Eating + Meditation, creates Meditations for Children, and  works closely with an Urban Farm!

Jules was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she lives currently.

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation allows me to come back to self, and take inventory of what I am working with so I can navigate the world accordingly. We often get pulled out into the busy day to day, and my meditation practice has become a tool to keep me focused and on purpose. 

Why I teach meditation:

 I teach meditation as a way to share my practice and this powerful tool that has changed my life with others. It is a beautiful way to hold space for others to find a moment of peace and stillness. 


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