Jessie May Wolfe


Jessie May is an alchemist. Her very presence empowers those around her, she spreads her light and infectious spirt as an inspirational guide to many beautiful souls across the planet. Her extensive experience over the last two decades, coaching and empowering thousands of creatives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers worldwide, along with her training and experience with various modalities and renowned teachers, led her to develop the unique impactful HeartRise Method. As a speaker, facilitator, leader and guide she travels the world bringing HeartRise Method, Experience + Corporate Programs to innovative companies, organizations and communities of all kinds. Her corporate clients include Soho House, Amazon, Sakara, WeWork, Amobee, Renew Juicery, Claire Foundation along with many others!From Wellness to Tech, Travel to Ad Agencies, Real Estate + Non Profit, Youth Groups, Inner City Kids, People in Recovery, Homeless Teens... Jessie May's heart holds a torch for everyone. Her HeartRise Movement is a universal call to ignite the radiant HeartPower in all of us.

Classes/privates taught at Unplug:

  • HeartRise Meditation

Why I practice meditation:

I meditate to come home to the truth of my heart, where my infinite power lives within; always ready to guide and fuel my way. I meditate to recognize the radiant rhythm that connects us all, and how powerful we are when we heartfully attune to it.

HeartRise Meditation ignites my heart’s power to alchemize the noise, release tension in my body and restore my whole being to empower my most radiant potential.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach meditation to ignite hearts, and to share the in the power of our collective presence. I hold loving space for other's to remember who they are, to come home to their truth, and feel how connected we truly are. I teach to empower the radiant potential that comes alive inside when learn to lead our lives Heart First.


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