Henrietta Hammarlund

City & Country:

Based in Stockholm, Sweden but I teach in all of Sweden and also Norway.


Henrietta is a Stockholm-based meditation teacher and life coach specialized in stress management. Her background started as a busy entrepreneur with a full calendar. Running between meetings, family and work so fast that she ran straight into the famous wall of stress. She got so ill in stress related burnout syndrome that she lost her memory and her body shut down completely. She was introduced to Jon Kabat Zinn's MBSR Mindfulness program and that changed her life. She started to learn everything she could about the body and mind.

She now has more than 10 years of meditation and stress management experience. She is a certified life coach and DiSC trainer and started with Jon Kabat Zinn's MBSR Level 1 and after several teachers went on to complete her 200 hour Unplug Meditation Teacher Training with world renowned teacher davidji.

Henrietta healed herself from stress and learned what a strong breathing tool meditation is and are now on a mission to help and support others on their path towards wellness.

Why I Practice Meditation:

I can go on forever on why I meditate, but it has changed my life for real. It makes me feel more present in the moment, happier and calmer. I don´t react instantly on my emotions anymore, with the meditation I push my inner pause button and that makes me more and more immune against stress.

Why I Teach Meditation:

I have three reasons why I teach meditation. The first one is simple. It makes me feel so good knowing that I have helped another person. The second one is that I need to teach because if this strong breathing tool that meditation is has helped me recover from stress related burnout syndrome in such a way that it did, then it must help others as well. So it is my mission to teach everyone who wants to listen. The third reason is that I believe in it. It is that I do want to change the world a little. One breath at the time.


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