Gwen Dittmar


Gwen Dittmar, founder of Gwen Dittmar Consulting, Inc, a Business Coach and Spiritual Guide for executives and entrepreneurs. Her results-driven approach married with her spiritual practice creates the kind of transformation our culture has been craving. Gwen cultivates space for her clients to trust their intuition, build confidence and navigate change. She brings 18 years as a professional in corporate pharmaceutical and start-up biotech research, as well as 10 years of coaching hundreds of clients. Her training includes a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, certifications in Soul-Centered Coaching, Executive Coaching, Prosperity Coaching, David Elliott's Breathwork Healer Training Levels 1-4, Reiki Mastery, as well as lots of life experience. She has moved from disease to healing, addiction to recovery, employee to entrepreneur, single woman to single mother to married mother of two. She came out of the spiritual closet and integrated her whole self into all aspects of her life and gives her clients permission to do the same while maintaining grounded human lives. Gwen's mission is to empower her clients to use everything as opportunities to wake up and rise. 

Why I practice meditation:

To create space and access intuition and knowing.

Why I teach meditation:

Because I am passionate about the healing and transformative power of meditation and I LOVE to share my passion.


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