April Pfender


A lover of the spiritual arts and a free-spirited Aquarian, April is a Reiki Master & Meditation Teacher who began her lifetime path & healing journey over 15 years ago.  The deep levels of expansion and spiritual connection she experienced from her studies provided a foundation for powerful mind/energy techniques.  She currently hosts Crystal Clear at Unplug, Reiki trainings,  private treatments and crystal healings which include sound and aromatherapy for complete balance. 
As an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, Author, Yogi, and Soundbath facilitator, April holds events on the westside.  Her book Chakra Balance, A Beginner's Guide to Healing the Chakras, can be found at the Unplug Meditation Shop in Santa Monica. She encourages everyone to explore and activate the healing that lies within and deeply supports self-healing techniques.  Stick around after her classes for a complimentary chakra reading & crystal prescription! 

Why I practice meditation:

I meditate to deepen my connection with the Infinite and to tap into my inner resources of  joy &  peace, which are always available to us if we get quiet enough to hear them. 

Why I teach meditation:

In order to help others reach the tender space of their own consciousness and to help them uncover their deepest truth that lies within.  Meditation empowers anyone who calls themselves a Seeker of Truth!


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