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(WEHO) MINDBLOWN: How to Reach Altered States of Consciousness to Accelerate Flow State with Jennifer Grace

  • WEHO 8500 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA, 90069 United States (map)
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Join Celebrity Coach and Hay House Author Jennifer Grace for a powerful workshop filled with experiential techniques to expand your mind so that you can reach new levels of creativity, insight, and receive powerful informational downloads…all found in flow states.

In this workshop you will:

-Learn about the Neurochemicals released in non ordinary state of consciousness so that you can trigger your happy hormones that your body creates naturally

-Discover how to drop into altered states of consciousness with effortless ease so that you can cultivate a creative edge

-Create a new relationship with time that doesn’t cause stress so that you can stop worrying about the future and regretting the past and become more open to new possibilities

-By pass the negative self talk to that you can experience more everyday joy and richness in your everyday life

A combination of scared ceremony, ecstatic techniques, mindfulness, meditation, reflective writing and gentle breath work, this workshop will catapult you into another dimension!

West Hollywood
SAT, 8/10 | 1pm-3:30pm | $45