Teigh Gilson


Teigh has taught group classes and workshops in meditation, mindful movement and transformation for over 20 years throughout Los Angeles. She teaches her signature meditation classes combining guided imagery, breath awareness and deep relaxation. She is also an intuitive Reiki healer and leads chakra balancing. Every month she leads an intimate New Moon “Sacred Transformation Circle” at her home studio.

Teigh is also a Licensed Spiritual Therapist, through Agape Spiritual Center and went through a 4 year program under the direction of Michael Bernard Beckwith. She counsels individuals for all life issues utilizing spiritual principles and practice, guiding clients to their own answers, insights and healing.

She was the Co-Founder of SWERVE Studio and the revolutionary program Yoga Booty Ballet (which brought together spirituality, meditation and fitness). And is the featured instructor in over 20 YBB DVD’s, including a meditation CD, a pre-natal program and infomercial. Teigh brings humor and love to all of her classes and truly believes in the healing and transformative power of meditation. 

Why I practice meditation:

Because it anchors me in the vibration of peace, allowing me to live a life of greater present moment awareness and less reactivity. Meditation makes me a better parent and connects me to the Infinite.

Why I teach meditation:

Because I am passionate about the healing and transformative power of meditation and I LOVE to share my passion.


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