Jordana Reim


Jordana spent over a decade in highly stressful environments as a Producer in NYC and Los Angeles. Realizing that her habits and mindset were causing her bouts of chronic illness, Jordana dedicated herself to changing her own life through wellness practices and personal growth. She has trained extensively in yoga, meditation, sound healing and coaching in the US and India.

Jordana works with high-achievers to balance spirit and mind with emphasis on personal presence. She believes that wellness is 360; designing a healthy lifestyle, nurturing relationships and cultivating creativity builds the best self, who easily excels in career and life. She regularly hosts retreats including a yearly transformational journey to the basecamp of Mount Everest.

Why I practice meditation:

As an act of love. To appreciate life. To gain clarity and tap into my inner wisdom. To hit pause and shine light on negative self-talk and habits that don’t serve me.

Why I teach meditation:

I get joy from seeing people at peace with themselves. The pause, the ahhhh, brings ease, clarity and overall more effectiveness. I love guiding people to a place of fulfillment through the wisdom within themselves.


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