Gwen Gaydos


Gwen Gaydos, Pharmacist, Women’s Holistic Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Animal Rights Advocate, began her personal transformation journey while working as a traditional pharmacist over 20 years ago. After seeing a Naturopath who changed her life, she expanded her field of expertise and became a holistic health counselor, herbalist, iridologist, Reiki Master, Life Coach, & Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Gwen has been passionate about Yoga & Meditation for 20+ years, and is excited to bring this powerful ancient healing art and practice to you, wherever you are on your path of personal transformation and growth.

Why I practice meditation:

I believe the ultimate expression of self love is to give ourselves time and space just to "be". I practice meditation because it allows me the time and space to do this, deeply relax my mind, and connect to my true self and intuition completely. I have found it helps with anxiety, stress, depression, focus and most immediately helps to calm my very busy mind!

Why I teach meditation:

I want to share this beautiful tool and teach others so they can eliminate anxiety and calm the mind chatter to connect with their truest selves, which I believe is the key to living an authentic, passionate, purposeful life! I love teaching in a classroom setting because, from my own experience, it has given me the time, space and permission to practice meditation for a longer period of time than I normally would give myself at home! It has helped me to drop in more deeply, and feel super blissed out the whole day. It has changed my life, and I want this for you!


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