Eric Ajna


Eric Ajna began his journey in 2007 after a near death experience that brought him into a deeper understanding of the nature of the mind and spirit, which dramatically altered the trajectory of his life as an LA based ambient music producer. Eric turned to clinical Hospice work and end of life care as a way to deliver higher spiritual counseling to terminally ill patients in their final days. He integrated various eastern wisdom teachings with alternative healing modalities as a way to alter the relationship patients have to the dying process. Sound and vibration played such an integral role in his own death that it inspired him to study the therapeutic effects of vibration on the mind and body. Eric uses a mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments along with his own voice to bring a more subtle, soothing and meditative quality into the lives of many.

Eric received his mastery in Reiki with the International Center for Reiki Healing and a secondary certification in Integrative Shamanic and Shakti Reiki as taught by Andrea Stark of The Tree of Life Healing Center in Pasadena. He holds residency at several yoga studios across the Southern California region and has also performed at festivals like Lucidity.

Why I practice meditation:

I've spent a number of years meditating on the mystical experience, becoming more intimately connected with the subtle awareness which communicates a language and sense of beauty more pure and sacred than anything I can put into words. Our direct source of communication with our highest most authentic selves will be in this space between silence and thought. By creating space in the mind, we are given the keys to understanding the basic fundamentals of our role as contributors in this world, which is to be loving, peaceful and compassionate to all that occupy our space with us. As one re enters the meditative state, a deeper understanding of reality unfolds and we begin to understand meditation not as a destination, but as the truest form of our own being-ness.

Why I teach meditation:

By re entering the meditative state, a deeper sense of truth naturally unfolds in the consciousness of each individual. It is a truth that dispels any curriculum of study into the quality of meditation as a teaching. We begin to understand that meditation cannot be taught but only understood through simple recognition of what is. If it is to be called anything, it could be looked at as an un-teaching. It is a subtraction. By unraveling the layers of thought we quickly begin to realize meditation as the most natural state, which has not arrived, though has always been present in us. When one is meditating, one is alive, present and profoundly human. It is our own illusion that prevents us from such a simple recognition that we are already there. We are meditation.


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