Christina Huntington


As a second generation meditation teacher, Christina has been meditating her entire life and has studied with many transformational healing mentors from an early age. Through private teaching and discovering what worked in her own life and practice, Christina has developed her own meditation program that is grounded and accessible, allowing clients to tune into their own inner voice and guidance, gaining the tools to make empowered choices while having fun along the way.

Classes/privates taught at Unplug:

  • Unplug Toolbox
  • Transformational Meditation
  • Introspective Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Energy Healing
  • Breath Work

Why I practice meditation:

I feel blessed to have literally been born into meditation. Meditation has given me a very strong foundation to stand on - based in a deep knowing of my self and an ability to roll with life's ever-changing waves. Whenever I sit down to meditate, I come out feeling more clear, grounded and calm than before. But my favorite part is being able to hear that little voice deep inside that always speaks the Truth and helps to guide all my decisions.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach because it makes me happier than anything in the world when I see people have that "Aha!" moment--when they finally get a little glimpse of who they really are beneath all that surface noise of thought and emotion. I also love to be part of people's journey towards self-love, self-care and self-discovery. I hope to empower and guide students to trust their own inner knowing and become the absolute best versions of themselves in a way that brings them true, deep & grounded joy.

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