Aruna Shields


Aruna Shields is a British therapist (half Indian, half English) who combines methodologies from the East and the West to help people relax and heal. After using mindfulness to achieve critical acclaim as a lead actress in Europe and Bollywood, Aruna dedicated her life to conscious expansion. Aruna studied Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and Mindfulness at Masters level and has helped high-performing individuals cope with life and work stress.

Connect with Classes/privates taught at Unplug:

  • Unplug 30 
  • Hypnotic guided visualizations for: 1) Deep relaxation and rejuvenation 2) Creating positive change 3) Actualizing your dream life 4) Cultivating and attracting love 5) Healing the body and mind 6) Supreme confidence 7) Coping with anything 9) Connecting with nature 10) Loving and living life fully. Etc.
  • Body scan
  • Mountain Meditation. For grounding and strength
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation is a gift you give to yourself: it’s your sacred time where you consciously choose to gently stay with whatever arises.  It helps me process emotions, relax and rejuvenate my entire being. I could not love and live fully without it.

Why I teach meditation:

It’s my life’s calling to help people expand their consciousness. I deeply care about humanity and am dedicated to guiding people inwards and supporting them during what can be a very profound process. I enjoy helping people befriend their fears and explore their magnificent unconscious realms. It’s beautiful seeing people blossom, learn how to reduce their suffering, experience insights, deeply relax and heal.

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Connect with Aruna:

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