Aruna Shields


Aruna is a meditation teacher, therapist and former Bollywood star who helps people unfold in profound and beautiful ways. Aruna studied Psychotherapy and Hypnosis at Master's level in England and has a diploma in Clinical Mindfulness Teaching (developed at Oxford University). Aruna achieved critical acclaim as a lead actress becoming the fastest rising star on Google India (2010). Then a strong urge to meditate arose and she left the film industry to follow another path. A descendant of Sage Mandavya Maharishi, she comes from an ancient lineage of teachers who pass down meditation and timeless knowledge. Half-British, half-Indian, Aruna bridges the gap between the East and the West.  Her daily practice, which is never missed, includes Transcendental Meditation and advanced techniques. Dedicated to worldwide conscious expansion she produces meditation videos, collaborates with business leaders, blogs and runs private therapy practices.

Connect with Classes/privates taught at Unplug:

  • Deep Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Mentorship

Why I practice meditation:

It is our birthright to discover who we truly are at a deep level. Once we establish an effortless daily practice – where we are transcending – life is never the same again. We begin to connect with a field of pure consciousness and start to have direct experiences of bliss, equanimity, unity and joy. My daily practice is like a breath of fresh air and infuses my life with purpose. The more I dip in and out of that vast field of stillness, the more life delights me. I also notice how I’m ever-expanding and becoming a more loving, kinder and productive person.

Why I teach meditation:

After I left the film industry I realized my role is to gently guide people inwards. I teach so that people may have a direct experience the Self; so they know who they are beyond thought and emotion. When people come to my groups and have deep experiences, they also have a lot of questions, which I’m here to answer. Teaching is effortless for me, people have shifts and respond in positive ways…so I guess nature is telling me to keep going. 


Connect with Aruna:

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