Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark merges the ancient wisdom of sound healing with modern crystalline instruments and his natural ability to heal and make music. His restorative sessions relax and renew as you are lifted into a stream of sound waves that flows through the body and soothes the mind for an experience that is truly beyond words. Andrew holds certifications in Yoga, Structural Integration bodywork and Reiki energy healing. In 2011 Andrew founded the first vibration healing studio of its kind at 1111 Vibe in Miami Beach, where the art of Structural Enlightenment™ evolved to integrate the healing potential of sound and light into current practices of bodywork, movement and medicine.

Classes/privates taught at Unplug:

  • Unplug Vibration
  • Structural Enlightenment™/ Privates
  • Crystal Sound Bath

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation has a built in hook- it feels better than anything else! I eat, drink and sleep everyday… My practice is like that, essential to a happy mind.

Why I teach meditation:

I’ve been lucky to have brilliant teachers, friends and family guide and give to me… it makes all the difference to share.

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