Ana Lilia


Ana is a UC Berkeley graduate and a certified breathwork teacher and intuitive healer. With the help of aromatherapy and music therapy, Ana helps guide clients to release stress, fear, anxiety, and anything else that's holding them back from living their true potential. Ana has been featured on BravoTV, brings breathwork to the corporate world, and volunteers at weSpark, a non-profit that helps cancer patients and survivors improve the quality of their life. Ana loves holding space for her clients and seeing them radiate in their light after a breathwork meditation session. 

Why I practice meditation:

Living in Los Angeles can be super intense, add life on top of that and things can get very overwhelming. I practice meditation to reduce stress in my life. And it's a tool I use to become present in life and to get clarity on situations. 

Why I teach meditation:

I love teaching breathwork because I love helping people tap into their inner strength. 


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