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(SAMO) Transformative Breathwork Teacher Training (Advanced Level) with Marlize Joubert

  • SAMO 12401 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90049 United States (map)
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Breathwork is the new yoga. In the last year or two it has become more mainstream, and recognized as a significant tool for healing and transformation. Through this training you are embarking on a journey to mastery; to become the author of your life experience, to step into your greatness and to learn skills of compassionate leadership and transformation, no matter the situation.
Whether you’re a beginner or a competent facilitator already, this training will meet you where you are and take you to the level of mastery that you are looking for.

Not wanting to teach this work? Join anyway! Together we will develop your ability to recognize your strengths to meet your biggest challenges – because that’s where your greatest gifts lie. You will become a front runner in every aspect of your life! Knowing you are a Co-creator or your reality.

As a teacher, or a conscious human, there are thousands of people that need exactly the guidance and support that you can give as a result of your journey to mastery.

What to expect :

Revisiting practical application of breathwork also Q&A around it since you've been practicing and hosting private sessions. written exercises. holding space, and touch, deep personal healing and transformation, you will move through many topics that might come up for yourself in your life, to heal, or to facilitate healing for others. See below.

What you will leave with :

Powerful healing and self transformation, greater clarity around your role as a spiritual teacher, understanding energy dynamics of all kinds, gained experience around various topics for self healing, or facilitating healing, deepening your connection with your new spiritual community, new friends becoming chosen family, wide open heart, feeling high on life, deepening of your intuition and creativity, more self love, deeper understanding of your subconscious beliefs and wounds and how to work with them consciously for self or others.

Topics :

self worth, equal exchange (give, receive), personal volatility, abuse, addiction, forgiveness, altar, crystals, altar, trauma healing, lineage healing, grief, loss, healing your heart and more.

For more information you can reach me on IG @marlize_joubert or in class at unplug meditation Santa Monica.

Santa Monica FRI-SUN (3/20 - 3/22)
FRIDAY: 7pm-9:30pm
SATURDAY: 9am-6:30pm
SUNDAY: 9am-6:30pm

PRICE: $500

If you’d like to pay a deposit of $250 first, please call the front desk. Please be paid in full a week in advance. If you need an extension, that can also be arranged by calling front desk.