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(SAMO) SUN, 2/17, 12:30PM - Chinese Tea Ceremony Meditation with Anthony Ocasio


Led by Anthony Ocasio

It is said that tea can be both calming and activating to the mind. It is a symbol of yin and yang and offers peace of mind and mental clarity. Chinese Tea ceremony, also known as Gong Fu Cha, is a mindful practice that emphasizes not only savoring the tea, but also the moment. Whether it is being served or prepared by oneself it serves as a conscious practice and pairs well with mediation. This class will offer insight into how tea effects the body and mind in preparation for following with Zuo Wang meditation.
Practitioners will be guided through releasing social and physical tethers to return to a natural primal state of peace and calmness.

SUN | Feb 17th | 12:30-1:30pm | $35
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