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(SAMO) WED 1/16 through 2/20, 9AM - Aligned Life: 6 Week Mind & Body Shape Up with Lauren Roxburgh

  • unplug meditation 12401 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90049 United States (map)

Led by Lauren Roxburgh

Embark on the journey of spiritual and physical alignment. In this 6 WEEK series, you will cover:

The Power Source
Unlock Your Hidden Super Powers to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor, Release Deep Stress, Empower Your Body and Re-Align Your Life.

This class by Lauren Roxburgh is a holistic movement medicine system done on her signature Lo Rox Aligned tools that combines the benefits of self-healing and breathe work with a workout that creates space in the body, clarity in the mind and strengthens the entire system. The key to Lauren’s method is releasing blockages, healing and hydrating your fascia, awakening a new and deep sensory awareness, calming the nervous system, enhancing lymphatic drainage, decompressing the joints and building resilience on all levels. This class will help you find freedom n your body, reduce pain and tension, boost your metabolism, free up blocked emotions, improve posture and create a more resilient, leaner and stronger system.

By removing blockages in the physical body and learning emotional hygiene, you’ll become empowered with a new way of caring for your self by releasing stress and fears, breathing deeper, banishing tension and pain, strengthening your core and intrinsic muscles, rejuvenating your pelvic floor, feeling your way to better choices and helping you expand and grow into your best self.

Her method is based on five areas of the body discussed in her new upcoming book The Power Source.

Our bodies have five primary centers that tend to become congested from the stresses of daily life in this modern age. Each of these physical areas govern certain aspects of our energetic and emotional lives as well as our physical structure.

The Pelvic Floor: Awaken your Base
At our root, we find our pelvic floor, which governs creation and from which all things flow. As the foundation of our core, our pelvic floor also governs our strength and power. If our pelvic floor is weak, instable, or congested, stress, pain, and blockages will likely show up in other containers as well.

The Deep Core: 
Connect with Sensuality and Gut Instincts

Our gut is incredibly important because it’s where we process our energy. When energy isn’t rising up from the pelvic floor to the gut, we will see this in the form of a lack of nourishment and connection, a lack of physical and emotional strength, and in physical issues such as IBS, poor digestion, bloating, and stomach pain.

When our gut isn’t firing on all cylinders, we cannot properly attune with our gut instincts to help us connect to our sensuality. And when we’re not in touch with them, a whole host of problems follow: we make decisions that aren’t in our best interests, we feel directionless and confused, and we lose the ability to manifest because we’re not clear on which direction to go.

The Upper Core: 
Diaphragm and lungs - Ignite Your Power

So many of us today experience compression in our diaphragm because we spend so much of our time sitting. This has a direct impact on our ability to take the type of deep, full, breaths we’re designed to. This is no small matter because, as I always say, the way we breathe is the way we live; it directly governs our state of mind and our energy. Did you know that our lungs are capable of taking in two gallons of oxygen, yet most of us only utilize 10 to 20 percent of this based on the compression we’ve built up in our diaphragm? Think about all of that unutilized power!
When it comes to breathing, the last thing most of us think about is our pelvis, but—as you’ve probably guessed by now—there is a correlation. When we release our pelvic floor as we exhale, it brings our breath to an entirely new level.

In addition to not feeling our true power, issues in the diaphragm can also result in a decreased metabolism, the inability to own who we are and live and lead from an authentic place, and a general feeling that we’re “off-course” in life.

Chest and Shoulders: Open Your Heart
Almost everyone I work with carries some sort of tension in his or her chest and shoulders. There is both a logistical explanation for this (too much hunching over devices!) and an emotional/energetic one, which is that we hold resentment in our armpits and shoulder blades. We also hunch as a way of protecting our heart.
When we get in a pattern of hunching, we create very real physical ramifications: our connector tissue becomes hardened and tense; the back of our body tightens in a pattern of over-extension, and the front of the body shortens and tightens. All of this creates weak muscles. When we release our shoulder container, we can let go and surrender; we can release anger and resentment; and we can open our heart. We also present ourselves to the world in a new, more powerful manner, which results in very real and powerful shifts in all areas of life.

Head, Neck and Jaw - Communication
Congestion in the jaw can present as TMJ or a more general sensation of a locked or tight jaw. This is another common container for stress to settle because gravity tends to pull our head forward and down, particularly if we’re also compressed in the shoulders or diaphragm. It also happens a lot in America, because we’ve developed the habit of speaking with a locked jaw or swallowing our emotions.. Over time, this pulling down can result in a weak, atrophied neck. In addition to the toll daily life and gravity have on our head, once again, we come back to that craniosacral connection. If your pelvis is tight or clutched your jaw will be clenched as well.

When we hold tightness in our jaw, head and neck it often results in headaches, teeth grinding, a furrowed brow, feeling more wound up, an inability to speak our truth, and overthinking our lives as opposed to listening to our intuition. Once we clear this area, we can begin to speak our truth, be more fully mentally present, and tap into our inner knowing.

The best part is, it’s all so simple and easy to incorporate in our daily lives. The class will give you the tools you need to understand your body, reignite your energy and empower your spirit in a new way that will utterly transform you from the inside out.

Lauren Roxburgh Bio:
Lo is one of the most sought after alignment, fascia and empowerment coaches on the planet, Lauren Roxburgh (Lo Rox), dubbed the BODY WHISPERER, is the author of the best-selling book Taller, Slimmer, Younger and the upcoming book The Power Source, the creator of her signature Lo Rox Aligned products and programs and founder of the Aligned Tribe Wellness Online Platform. Lo is trained in a wide variety of healing modalities ranging from Structural Integration, Pilates, Transcendental Meditation, Reiki and yoga. Lo’s method helps empower your entire being by aligning and empowering your body, awakening your pelvic floor and ultimately transforming your life.

WED | Jan 16th-Feb 20th | 9-10am | $150
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