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SUN 2/11- Manifest the Life of Your Dreams: WORKSHOP

  • unplug meditation 12401 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90025 United States (map)

Led by Amy Budden & Matthew Dihola

The Dictionary defines perseverance as "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success". We define it as the ability to go on, when the going gets tough. Perseverance applies to every relationship, every activity in which we engage throughout our lives.

Join Amy Budden and Matthew Del Negro for a workshop about how to hardwire resilience with guided visualization.

Learn from Matthew Del Negro the insight he has gained from his PodCast 10,000 No’s. How his inspiring and notable guests went from stuck to motion and from no to yes despite sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

As a Bonus, Amy will provide a takeaway recording encoded with frequency to facilitate relaxation so that you can truly tap into the highest part of your mind. Here you will begin to embody a mindset of growth and resilience and create new neuro-pathways to hardwire success. *This is a special treat- these are usually just available for Amy's private clients!

What is Resilience and Perseverance?
How can you cultivate it?
Become aware: Where have you allowed fear to limit you?
Have you consciously or subconsciously minimized your potential?
How can you release limiting behaviours and beliefs to supercharge your clarity and success?

Successful and happy people use relisilence to lead more fulfilling, healthier, more connected and inspiring lives.

Amy Budden will use Neuro Linguistic programming techniques in a guided meditation that will release fear, old patterns and beliefs to reprogram and upregulate the mind and body.

In this workshop, you will train the Brain and upgrade your subconscious program.

$35 | Not included in Series & Memberships

SUN | Feb. 11th | 12:30-2:30 pm
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