Diego Wallraff

Diego Wallraff


As a Colombian/German hybrid, Diego moves fluidly between the Performing Arts and the Healing Arts. 

When not on stage or on a TV/film-set he dedicates his time to helping fellow humans overcome all kinds of challenges...

His work (with private clients and in workshops) guides people into the field of personal growth and healthy relationships and supports healing from injuries and sexual trauma.

He applies his skills as a master bodyworker and sex & relationship coach - he holds certifications in various modalities: Sexological Bodywork, Shiatsu, yoga, breathwork, tantra and intimacy coaching.

A former musician Diego learned how to apply sound for healing from his teachers Gongmaster Don Conreaux and Suren Shresta from Nepal.

He uses Tibetan & Crystal Bowls, PAISTE Planetary gongs and other vibrational instruments to facilitate sound journeys to help clear the energetic system, create deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Why I practice meditation:

For me meditation is such an effective tool for creating a happy life - I would even go as far as saying ecstatic!

It helps me create space between me and what's happening around me - giving me an opportunity to be less reactive and more of a witness (to what's happening) and then choose my responses.

Also, it helps me clear "mind-clutter" and press the "reset button" of my human operating system - thereby activating the built-in self-healing potential of the body when things are off.

Why I teach meditation:

To pass on the profound teachings I have received in the field of personal growth & healing and to help fellow humans live a happy life to their fullest potential.

For me sound healing and breath is pure medicine!

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