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(WEHO) Activating the Dream State with Sound Alchemy with Shanila Sattar

  • WEHO 8500 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA, 90069 United States (map)

Dreams are filled with magical stories of our subconscious, constantly giving us clues about our inner most desires and fears. When we tap into our dream state, we get to access the magnificent beauty of ourselves, receive deep messages, and transmute stagnant emotions into powerful guides. Come get into your dream state and be guided through an activating meditation and by Shanila’s crystal alchemy bowls in a deeply magical evening. The sound vibrations and frequencies are specially curated to work on the cellular level to realign, balance, and activate the body’s natural healing systems. Breathe in, lay back, close your eyes, and see what messages are waiting for you.

West Hollywood
FRI, 1/10 | 7:15pm-8:15pm | Included in Membership