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(WEHO) Mindful Storytelling with Christopher Rivas

  • WEHO 8500 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA, 90069 United States (map)

Mindfulness is a big hot button word, actually letting go of the stories and narratives that are holding us back is a whole other practice entirely. What stories must die, so new ones may grow?

Becoming sensitive and mindful to our own personal stories can help create and recreate a life and a world we deserve. As we tell stories, we shape life experiences for ourselves and others. Simply by changing a story, we can change a life. In this workshop, I will talk you through what this looks and feels like– how we frame each story in our consciousness and it’s meaning to us, how we give it life, how it gives us life, how it gives us death, how we let it go, how we start over, how we tell a different story, and ultimately, how we can find magic, peace, abundance, and create a more extraordinary life for ourselves and others.

West Hollywood
FRI, 8/30 | 7:15pm-8:45pm