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(WEHO) Hero's Journey: Breathwork to Blow Your Mind with Chris Keener

  • unplug meditation 8500 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA, 90069 United States (map)
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In this fun and empowering workshop, we take an epic journey into the mythology of our own lives through the power of breath. Navigating Joseph Campbell’s ‘monomyth’ - the most universal of human stories - we’ll leave our ordinary world behind, and heed a call to adventure.

To light the way, Chris Keener will guide us through his Goldenair practice: a mix of three-stage breathing and active breath holds that awakens a flowy, golden life force. This breathwork method slows the brain’s frontal cortex, to breeze into what researchers call the ‘deep now’. As our narrow sense of self vanishes into thin air, we’ll be able to see our path from a bird’s eye view. What visions will appear in this high-altitude flow-state? 

Navigating the unfamiliar inner landscape, we’ll be tested, meet allies and enemies, and identify an object that empowers us. Ultimately, we’ll claim victory and return as heroes, transformed! 
We’ll end with a reflection on visions we’ve met, in order to integrate this wisdom into our daily lives.

West Hollywood
FRI, June 7 | 7:15-8:30pm