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(SAMO) FRI 11/2, 7:15PM - Align Your Vibes Meditation Concert with Peter Oppermann & RENAE

  • unplug meditation 12401 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90049 United States (map)

Led by Peter Oppermann & RENAE

Every Friday night, we bring special guests from around the world to share their expertise with the Unplug community. From doctors and neuroscientists to shamanic healers, motivational speakers, and everything between. This is a high-value, unique, and fun experience you don't want to miss! (Warning- this is not a typical Unplug class. The event may OR *may not include meditation)

THIS WEEK: Peter Oppermann & RENAE

Spiritual-pop artist RENAE and meditation teacher Peter Oppermann take you on a musical journey through your seven energy centers aligning your body, mind and spirit.
Immerse yourself in a unique mix of meditation, binaural beats, music, live singing, dancing, and community - all brought to you via wireless headset technology for a multi-sensory inner and outer experience.

What to expect: The night will begin with Peter’s guided meditation through your seven energy centers (chakras) - using binaural beat music and intuitive visualizations to drop deeply into the fullness of your being.

Then RENAE’s live concert begins, where she and her partner perform songs from their debut album Align - a pop music album inspired by, and sonically tuned, to the seven chakras! RENAE’s soothing vocals, catchy melodies, cutting edge productions, and mindful messages are all elements of her music that gives audiences a heartwarming experience of self-discovery and celebration!

The Align Your Vibes Meditation Concert is designed to align your vibration with your true nature, leaving you feeling centered, joyful, and full of the love that you truly are!

“The Meditation Concert allowed me to be absolutely free!” ~ Elizabeth

“The vibration and frequency of having a community connecting in that way is out of this world.” ~ Elizabeth

FRI | Nov 2nd | 7:15-8:45pm
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