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+ Why should I meditate?

If you want to be able to focus on demand, access calm, and control your Google brain, you're going to want to meditate. The benefits of meditation are vast and scientifically proven. Visit our Science page to learn about all the benefits.

+ What if I can't sit still?

That's okay. We won't hit you with a stick (like they would at a zen monastery). Here, we just ask you to move mindfully to reposition.

+ What if I can't stop thinking?

Thinking is natural in meditation. In fact, the practice is noticing what you're thinking, being aware of what you're thinking, and then redirecting your focus to a single focal point that your teacher will guide you to. Think of it like bicep curls but for your brain. The more you do this the more you will actually strengthen and grow your brain.



+ How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, go to Profile on the bottom menu, click the gear icon to access your Settings, click "My Membership", then click “Cancel Subscription”.

+ How do I change my subscription option?

To change your plan, go to Profile on the bottom menu, click the gear icon to access your Settings, click "My Membership", then click “Edit Subscription” to choose a new plan.

+ Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, monthly plans renew monthly and annual plans renew annually.

+ Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

Yes, you can be logged into your subscription on multiple devices. And it doesn't matter which platform you first subscribed on - you can use your subscription across all platforms.

+ How do I make a playlist?

Go to Playlists on the bottom menu, click "My Playlists" and "Create New Playlist". You can add any video to a new or existing playlist by clicking the menu "hamburger" icon on the right side of the screen under the video.

+ I purchased my subscription via iTunes, Apple TV, Google Play, or Amazon and I want a refund. What can I do?

Please email us at

+ My credit card is about to expire. Do I need to update it to continue with Unplug Meditation?

Yes, please visit the app on the web and click “Change credit card” to update your card details. You will be notified if a transaction fails on your credit card due to it expiring.

+ What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover & Diners Club

+ What currencies do you accept?

We only accept USD. Other currencies will be converted to USD at the current rate if you pay with your credit card.