Sophia Zogopoulos


Sophia Zogopoulos is a singer-songwriter who stumbled into a Breathwork class only to fall so in love with the practice that she felt called to share this with the world. The release of stagnant energy in her body that occurred after just one session of this active meditation caused her to explore how she could continue to help herself and her loved ones.

She highly encourages anyone walking into her class to consider the two questions: What brought you to breathwork? What are you looking to release? There will be time after the breathwork portion to return to resting breath. During that time, Sophia will allow you to deepen your time within while bringing in her musical side with live vocals that can add to the experience. Her classes create a safe space for participants to focus on releasing suppressed energy and deepening the connection with oneself. Her training in this Pranayama technique is through David Elliott’s Healer Training Program. 

Why I practice meditation:

I practice meditation to deepen the connect with myself, as well as with others. To heal myself so that I can help others heal. To empower myself so I can empower others.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach Breathwork with the hopes of shifting the energy of the collective. I aim to introduce this life-altering practice to as many people as I can so they are then able to add Breathwork to their own healing toolbox that can be accessed at all times.


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Joanna Garzilli


Joanna Garzilli is America’s Intuition Coach™, a global authority in the field of intuition, conscious business growth and spiritual leadership. Her book “Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success,” published by Harper Collins has been praised by Publisher’s Weekly to, “Help readers remember the love, power, and strength of the soul”.

Joanna teaches her clients and followers the magic of how to, “Lead through service.” She has shared the stage with Sir Ken Robinson, speaking on social impact. Landmark College has used her meditations for their teaching faculty and students with special needs to help them focus.

Joanna has been featured in media including: BBC News, BBC Radio, NPR, Fox News, Coast To Coast, Well + Good, Hay House Radio, Daily Mail.

She lives with her husband, Nick and their son, Dominick in Los Angeles, CA.

Why I practice meditation:

I practice meditation because it increases my intuition. I become aware of the subtle energy around me and attuned to my inner landscape. I feel creative. Challenging situations become opportunities for me to grow. Solutions are now accessible in my mind. I experience clarity and I am compassionate when I meditate. Patience is actionable. I am kinder to my loved ones.

Why I teach meditation:

I teach meditation because it puts me in a state of joy and gratitude. I see with fresh eyes. I understand at a deeper level why I am alive. I love the connectedness that builds between fellow meditators. I witness serendipity. My heart opens wider than I imagined. It puts me in a state of awe. 


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Chris Keener


Goldenair guide and creator Chris Keener is a dancer, yogi, meditator, surfer, and kung-fu practitioner who believes embodiment is foremost in well-being. As the director and executive producer of the Netflix series ‘We Speak Dance’, he works across borders motivating conscious movements and blowing up dance floors. As host for outlets like National Geographic and Travel Channel, he specializes in educating in a way that is accessible, actionable, and often quite hilarious. Constantly deep-diving into various breathwork traditions and the science behind them, he's on a mission to make these techniques available to everyone.

Why I practice meditation:

Breathwork has been the most valuable embodiment tool to bring more confidence, presence, and self-regard into my life. Through specific breathing techniques, I have access to an inexhaustible source of inner strength, and receive actionable guidance to keep my life on track.  

Why I teach meditation:

I am called to help people bring awareness to our own breath. Not only does that allow access to our subconscious mind for deep healing, but also helps eradicate anxiety, depression, addiction, and crippling self-doubt. I want to make breathwork more accessible to everyone - not just yogis and meditators, but skeptics, bros, CEO's, and the underserved, helping people align with their purpose, and strengthen our communal bonds.

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Jordana Reim


Jordana spent over a decade in highly stressful environments as a Producer in NYC and Los Angeles. Realizing that her habits and mindset were causing her bouts of chronic illness, Jordana dedicated herself to changing her own life through wellness practices and personal growth. She has trained extensively in yoga, meditation, sound healing and coaching in the US and India.

Jordana works with high-achievers to balance spirit and mind with emphasis on personal presence. She believes that wellness is 360; designing a healthy lifestyle, nurturing relationships and cultivating creativity builds the best self, who easily excels in career and life. She regularly hosts retreats including a yearly transformational journey to the basecamp of Mount Everest.

Why I practice meditation:

As an act of love. To appreciate life. To gain clarity and tap into my inner wisdom. To hit pause and shine light on negative self-talk and habits that don’t serve me.

Why I teach meditation:

I get joy from seeing people at peace with themselves. The pause, the ahhhh, brings ease, clarity and overall more effectiveness. I love guiding people to a place of fulfillment through the wisdom within themselves.


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Devon Young


Devon loves to do things that make her body, mind & spirit feel good. She strives to create an environment where her students can find clarity in their daily lives and to become healthier, happier humans.

She finished her first yoga teacher training in Los Angeles in 2012, and since then has completed over 1000 hours of training in different fitness formats. She believes that balance and self-care are key to living your best life.

Foam rolling is her newest passion— it’s the perfect complement to different exercise routines, greatly relieving any pain and stress in the body and the mind.


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Mike Nader


I first began practicing yoga in 2004 to improve my posture as a drummer. What began as a physical practice quickly evolved into a mental practice, keeping me sane while I was on tour. After leaving the music industry, I went to school to become an occupational therapist. Influenced by the Yogic and Tantric traditions, my classes are complete practices with deliberate themes to gain maximum benefit from meditation.

Why I practice meditation:

Remember a time when you felt you were living your life to your full potential, completely immersed in what you love to do. This is present moment awareness, but involuntary. When you are meditating, you are teaching the mind to do this all the time.

Why I teach meditation:

To assist students in seeing their true potential and the inner joy and peace within them.


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Julia Nugent


Jules is a Community Builder, Meditation Teacher, and student of life. She believes in the power of bringing like minds together to support each others personal growth.  After graduating college Jules began a career in Food Editorial, learning the in's and out's of the restaurant world in Los Angeles. Jules scoured the city getting the inside scoop on the best new restaurant openings, and innovative Chef's on the map. Her love for food and storytelling led her to dive deeper into the benefits of ingredients, how they are sourced, and the impact food can have on the body. The power of food as a universal language led her on a spiritual journey to learn about the Mind + Body connection. Jules is fascinated by the impact our environment has on the body, as well as how our inner world can affect our outer world. She began studying Eastern Traditions of Meditation, Ayurveda, and Yoga to learn how to live more in harmony with the environment. 

Jules believes in bringing people together through the senses, and incorporating Mindfulness to live a richer life. She teaches adults and children how to apply these practices in their everyday life, through meditation, nourishment, and movement. 

Jules is a Certified Meditation Teacher and Thought Coach, she has a B.A. in Communication & Journalism from USC. She currently works one on one and with groups educating about  Mindful Eating + Meditation, creates Meditations for Children, and  works closely with an Urban Farm!

Jules was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she lives currently.

Why I practice meditation:

Meditation allows me to come back to self, and take inventory of what I am working with so I can navigate the world accordingly. We often get pulled out into the busy day to day, and my meditation practice has become a tool to keep me focused and on purpose. 

Why I teach meditation:

 I teach meditation as a way to share my practice and this powerful tool that has changed my life with others. It is a beautiful way to hold space for others to find a moment of peace and stillness. 


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Shayna Hiller


Shayna Hiller is a 500-hr E-RYT yoga & meditation teacher, YACEP and Certified Health Coach based in Venice Beach, CA. She is also a business coach for yoga teachers. Her light-hearted and deeply intuitive approach to teaching and coaching is truly one of a kind.

Shayna has been teaching yoga and leading yoga and meditation retreats around the world for over a decade.

She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, Pranassage Practitioner, Children’s Yoga Teacher and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Alas, life has been (and still is) the greatest teacher of all…

Shayna is originally from New Jersey, but lived and learned in the jungles of Costa Rica for five years of her early adult life. This is where she experienced her most significant healing and personal transformation.

It is both Shayna’s passion and privilege to share her wisdom and methods to empower people of their inherent capacity to bring their deepest desires to life.

Why I practice meditation:

I practice meditation to gain the clarity, creativity and inspiration that I use to guide me in my personal and professional life. 

Why I teach meditation:

I teach meditation in order to share the tremendous value and positive impact this practice offers. Meditation has the capacity to re-wire the way we relate with ourselves and the world and can open doors of opportunity, ease and magic. I believe we each embody an inner stillness that is accessible at all times. 


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